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Incantato Destination: Monte Porzio Catone, Italy

Monte Porzio Catone is a municipality of the Province of Rome in the Italian Region of Latium and lies approximately twenty kilometers southeast of Rome in the Alban Hills. In addition to the Church of Saint Gregory the Great, erected in 1666 by Carlo Rainaldi for the Borghese family, ome of the town’s main attractions include the Astronomical Rome Observatory, the Museum of Wine, the City Museum, and the Iseo Alari Community School of Music.
The Astronomical Rome Observatory was built in 1939 and is located two kilometers from the city center. The structure rises from the remains of “Matilda’s Villa,” a first century Roman Villa. Originally built for the purpose of preserving the equipment of the National Observatory in Rome, the rationalist-style Astronomical Rome Observatory now promotes astronomic and scientific studies through educational initiatives and exchanges with schools and universities.
Opened in 2000, the Museum of Wine not only provides visitors with the highest quality wine tastings, but also takes guests through the process of creating wine. A tour of the museum teaches visitors, through the use of photos and demonstrations, the intricate steps of the wine production process. The museum even houses its own exclusive wine cellar.
The Monte Porzio City Museum is housed within a recently restored seventeenth century cathedral within the heart of the city. The museum illustrates the multi-thousand-year history of the city through such exhibitions as archeological findings, medieval papal pottery, and seventeenth century art.
The Iseo Ilari Community School of Music was founded by the Monte Porzio Catone City Administration in 1999. Through not only classes, but also performances and workshops, the school succeeds in encouraging social interaction and acceptance through the dissemination of music and cultural arts. The school, a recognized institution of the Italian Association of Schools of Music, currently offers studies in Classical Tradition and Music Performance.

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Bellarmine University's Schola Cantorum & Louisville Vocal Project perform at Il Duomo di San Gregorio Magno, Monte Porzio Catone - March 13 at 7 PM

Bellarmine University’s Schola Cantorum and Louisville Vocal Project will perform in concert at Il Duomo di San Gregorio Magno in Monte Porzio Catone on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 7:00PM. Il Duomo di San Gregorio Magno, or the Cathedral of Saint Gregory the Great, was constructed in 1666 in Monte Porzio Catone, Italy. Prince Giovan Battista Borghese, Lord of Monte Porzio, commissioned architect Carlo Rainaldi to design the structure. The façade, flanked by two sets of columns, is crowned by a triangular pediment boasting a large marble coat of arms. The molding above the central doorway bears the inscription “Divo Gregorio Magno Dicatum,” or “Dedicated to Saint Gregory the Great.” Two large bell towers also border the exterior of the church. Rainaldi constructed the church in a traditional Greek cross layout with three altars and two small chapels near the entrance. In honor of Prince Borghese, each wall bears a chancel adorned with the dragon and eagle of the Borghese coat of arms. The four confessionals are identical to those in the Roman church of Santa Maria Campitelli, also designed by Rainaldi. The church also displays 18th century images of the Via Crucis, a 17th century statue of Sant’Antonio Abate, and a large 19th century organ.

Bellarmine University's Schola Cantorum & Louisville Vocal Project perform at Chiesa di Santa Teresa Degli Scalzi (Naples) on Monday, March 7 at 4:45 PM

On Monday, March 7 at 4:45 PM, the Bellarmine University Choirs will sing at Chiesa di Santa Teresa Degli Scalzi in Naples. The church is the eponym for the street on which it is located, just around the corner to the north of the National Archaeological Museum. The interior of the church is a treasure trove, with works by painters Paolo de Matteis and Battistello Caracciolo and the sculptor Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, among many others. Also, the church holds a painting of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII. It is by Giacomo Colombo and is from 1715, the era of the brief Austrian Hapsburg vice-realm in Naples. The chapel of St. Teresa within the church was designed by Cosimo Fanzago and is considered relevant in the history of Neapolitan Baroque art.

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Bellarmine University's Schola Cantorum & Louisville Vocal Project perform at Chiesa di San Francesco (Maiori) on Sunday, March 6 at 6 PM

Incantato Tours proudly presents the Bellarmine University's Schola Cantorum & Louisville Vocal Project under the direction of Dr. S. Timothy Glasscock at Chiesa di San Francesco in Maiori on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 6 PM. The singers will first perform during Mass and then present a concert.

The beautiful Chiesa di San Francesco was constructed in 1405. It is located between the convent and the Cove of the Announced one (Grotta dell'Annunziata) in Maiori. The church has a rough history: In 1435 it was destroyed by the army of Muhammad II (Turkey) and rebuilt one year later by Saint Bernardino from Siena. A sea storm hit the Chiesa di San Francesco hard in 1440. It was destroyed and in 1517 reconstructed on the oriental side of the convent. But the work was interrupted again by a Turkish invasion. In 1590 the construction was finally completed. Last but not least there were several constructive modifications after two seas storm in 1631 and 1674. The church is famed world-wide for the miracle of the springing water in the convent. Please click here to go the picture's origin.

Bellarmine University Jazz Ensemble will perform at Sala Bianca, Hotel Cellai (Florence) on Wednesday, March 9 at 7:00 PM

On Wednesday, March 9 the Jazz Ensemble will perform at the Sala Bianca, Hotel Cellai in Florence at 7:00 PM. Hotel Cellai is located in the heart of the historic center of Florence in an characteristic and quiet area. Its style recalls the one of the ancient inns of past times where young, European aristocrats stayed while discovering the beauty and artistic mysteries offered in Italy. Flooring in stone or terracotta, stone arches, antique furniture and artistic furnishing accessories make the hotel an unique place. The public areas host monthly exhibitions of Contemporary Arts under the ArteInCasa Visual Arts program.

Incantato Tours presents the Bellarmine University Music Department at Montecassino Abbey on Tuesday, March 8 at 11 AM

The Bellarmine University Music Department, of Louisville, Kentucky, will tour the Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, where they will also perform a brief recital for the Abbey community at 11:00AM.

Monte Cassino is a rocky mountain approximately 80 miles southeast of Rome. Saint Benedict of Nursia established his first monastery here, the source and foundation of the Benedictine Order, in 529. The monastery stands as one of the few territorial abbeys remaining within the Catholic Church.
According the Gregory the Great’s biography of Saint Benedict, the monastery was constructed on an older pagan sight, a temple of Apollo that originally crowned the hill. The biography claims that Benedict’s first act was to smash the sculpture of Apollo and destroy the pagan altar. He then reused the temple, dedicating it to Saint Martin, and built a new chapel which he dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. Once established at Monte Cassino, Benedict never left. There he penned the Benedictine Rule which ultimately became the founding principle of western monasticism. Monte Cassino became the model for future Benedictine developments throughout the world.
Unfortunately the Abbey has fallen target to numerous military insurgencies throughout the years, including the infamous 1944 Battle of Monte Cassino. On February 15, 1944, the Abbey was almost completely destroyed by Allied air-raids after being mistakenly identified as a German stronghold. In fact, the Abbey was being used as a refuge for women and children attempting to shield themselves from the war. The Abbey was rebuilt after the war, financed by the Italian State, and was reconsecrated by Pope Paul VI in 1964.

Farewell Celebration and Jazz Ensemble performance at Casal Pilozzo in Rome on Sunday, March 13 at 8 PM

The Bellarmine University Music Department Performance Tour will celebrate the end of their Italian journey at the Casal Pilozzo with dinner, wine tasting, and a special performance by the Jazz Ensemble.
Casal Pilozzo, a property of the Pulcini family located in the village of Monte Porzio Catone, sits atop a marvelous hill just nine and a half miles south of Rome offering beautiful views of the Eternal City.
Considered one of the oldest farms of the Castelli Romani area, the Casale was built on the ruins of an ancient dwelling place thought by many scholars to be the residence of the sister and nephew of Emperor Traiano. Throughout the modern age, it has served as residence to many famous personalities, from the likes of Orson Welles to the families of Filonardi Brandi e Bottai and Tyrone Power.
The subsoil of the Casale features ancient tufa soil grottoes, extending for hundreds of meters, where the wines are stored to mature in natural conditions of stable temperature and humidity. Hidden in the depths of the cellars stands an ancient altar carved in the tufa soil. Some historians believe the cellars to be remnants of a cave-dwelling “protostorico” village.
The Casale stands in the center of the property, surrounded by a magnificent park and 13 hectares of volcanic land now cultivated for vineyards and olive groves. The pride of Casal Pilozzo remains the strictly biological cultivation and selection of wine grapes. Varieties include Malvasia del Lazio, Grechetto Antico, Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlote, and Syrah.
The Vineyards and vinification, olive trees, and oil production are all personally controlled by the Pulcini family. This makes the Casal Pilozzo one of the few truly “family-run” operations, demonstrating in practice the very real possibility for creating high-quality products in coexistence with an environmentally friendly philosophy.

Special Guest: Bellarmine University will perform during Mass at Chiesa Santa Roberto Bellarmino on Sunday, March 13, at noon

On Sunday, March 13 at noon, the Bellarmine travelers will be the featured guest performers during mass at Chiesa di San Roberto Bellarmino. The church is located in the Parioli district, one of Rome’s most exclusive areas. It was built and designed by Clement Busiri Vici between 1931 and 1933. The church is named after a Jesuit saint of the seventeenth century, Robert Bellarmine. The interior has a single nave and transept, and an octagonal cupola. The mosaics of the transept, dome and apse are designed by Renato Tomassi. In 1980 the church was visited by Pope John Paul II.

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Viva la Musica: Incantato Tours proudly presents the Bellarmine University Music Department on Tour in Italy , March 3 - 14

“Viva la Musica: Musica sacra corale e jazz per celebrare la vita, amore, fede e musica,” presentato dal Dipartimento di Musica dell'Università Bellarmine, di Louisville, Kentucky, USA. La Schola Cantorum, in collaborazione con il Vocal Project Louisville, presenterà un concerto di opere sacre e profane del passato e del presente, con musica di Parsons, Byrd, Stanford, e Burchard. L'Ensemble Jazz presenterà u...n concerto di noti standard jazz americani con musiche di Ellington, Mancini, Rodgers & Hart, giovane, e Garner. I cori sono diretti dal Dr. S. Timoteo Glasscock, e l'ensemble Jazz è diretto da Mr. David Clark. Mr. Richard Burchard è invece il direttore del Dipartimento di Musica dell'Università di Bellarmine. L'ensemble sarà in tour in Italia e lo Stato del Vaticano dal 3 marzo al 14, 2011. Il tour sarà a Napoli e Costiera Amalfitana 5 al 7 marzo, Montecassino 8 marzo, in Toscana dall’8 al 10 marzo, Assisi 11 marzo e a Roma il 12 e 13 marzo.

A proposito del Dipartimento di Musica dell'Università Bellarmine Touring Ensemble

Il Bellarmine University Jazz Ensemble è una élite di 5-7 membri del gruppo per musicisti avanzati il cui scopo è esplorare repertorio jazz contemporaneo. L'ensemble svolge numerosi concerti durante tutto l'anno ed è gruppo di riferimento per numerosi concerti ed eventi nell'area metropolitana di Louisville.

La Bellarmine University Schola Cantorum è un ensemble vocal misto che esegue una vasta gamma del repertorio corale dal 1500 ad oggi. L'ensemble è l'insieme premier corale presso l'Università di Bellarmine ed esegue numerosi concerti durante tutto l'anno.

Il Louisville Vocal Project è stato costituito nell'aprile del 2010 ed è composto da musicisti professionisti con anni di esperienza nel loro specialità musicale. Ispirato al Rinascimento, ma impegnato nel repertorio contemporaneo, LVP può eseguire musica antica, opere per voce sola, opere che incorporano strumenti, e nuovi lavori di compositori locali.

S. Timoteo Glasscock
ha più di 30 anni di esperienza nel campo della musica vocale tra cui 15 anni come responsabile di agenzie come Chorus & The Men's Lexington, Il Coro Louisville. Con un BME e MME presso l'Università di Louisville e di un DMA in direzione corale presso l'Università del Kentucky, Tim sta iniziando il suo undicesimo anno come direttore del Vocal Studies e corale alla Performing Arts School Youth. I suoi cori hanno cantato nella Cattedrale di Notre Dame di San Marco a Venezia, Duomo di Rochester, Santiago de Compostela, HaydnSaal al castello Esterházy, e numerose altre sedi in tutta Europa e in America. I suoi cori ricevono costantemente punteggi migliori nella competizione nazionale e internazionale ei suoi ex allievi si trovano a esibirsi in teatri e agenzie di arte in tutto il Nord America e in Europa. Il suo nuovo ensemble, The Louisville Vocal Project in tour in Italia questa primavera e si esibirà nella Basilica di San Pietro, tra le altre sedi prestigiose.

David Clark ha iniziato a suonare il violino al sesto grado e sassofono al settimo grado. Avendo suonato in tutta la scuola pubblica, ha studiato sassofono al Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, ha ricevuto un BM in educazione musicale e di un MM in performance jazz presso l'Università di Louisville nel Kentucky. Ha avuto la fortuna di studiare con Harry Pickens, Don Braden, Wessell Anderson, Sim Flora, e Branford Marsalis.
Dave ha suonato con artisti diversi come Benny Golson, Clark Terry, Randy Brecker, Stanley Turrentine, James Moody, Kevin Mahogany, Harry Pickens, Nancy Wilson, Miles Griffith, l'Orchestra Louisville, la Dells, e Delfeayo Marsalis. Dave si è esibito al Festival Umbria Jazz a Perugia, in Italia, così come il Montreux Jazz Festival di Montreaux, in Svizzera. Ha anche suonato come parte di un tour di buona volontà e il programma di scambio educativo in Barbados.
Dave si è stabilito a Louisville, KY, dove egli è il capo del programma di Jazz Studies presso l'Università diBellarmine. Dave insegna sassofono, armonia jazz, storia del jazz, improvvisazione, e dirige il Bellarmine Nouveau ensemble Gumbo. Dave lavora anche alla facoltà di Jamey Aebersold Jazz Summer Camps.
Il Louisville Courier-Journal scrive: "Clark partita mista tecnica brillante e ben espressioni personali ... " e "... sassofonista Dave Clark, uno dei più brillanti musicisti in città ...

Viva la Musica: Incantato Tours proudly presents Bellarmine University's Schola Cantorum, Louisville Vocal Project, & Jazz Ensemble

“Viva la Musica: Sacred choral music and jazz celebrating life, love, faith, and music,” presented by the Bellarmine University Music Department, of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The Schola Cantorum, in collaboration with the Louisville Vocal Project, will present performances of sacred and secular masterpieces from the past and present, featuring music by Parsons, Byrd, Stanford, and Burchard. The Jazz Ensemble will present a concert of well-known American jazz standards featuring the music of Ellington, Mancini, Rodgers & Hart, Young, and Garner. The choirs are directed by Dr. S. Timothy Glasscock, and the Jazz ensemble is led by Mr. David Clark. Mr. Richard Burchard serves as the head of the Bellarmine University Music Department. The ensembles will tour Italy and the Vatican State from March 3 through 14, 2011. The tour will be in the Amalfi Coast region March 5 through 7, Montecassino on March 8, Tuscany from March 8 through 10, Assisi on March 11, and Rome on March 12 and 13.

The Bellarmine University Jazz Ensemble
is an elite five to seven member by-audition group for advanced musicians exploring contemporary jazz repertory. The ensemble plays numerous concerts throughout the year and is the feature ensemble for many concerts and events in the Louisville metropolitan area.

The Bellarmine University Schola Cantorum is an auditioned, mixed vocal ensemble that performs a wide variety of advanced choral repertoire from 1500 to the present. The ensemble is the premier choral ensemble at Bellarmine University and performs numerous concerts throughout the year.

The Louisville Vocal Project was formed in April of 2010 and is comprised of professional musicians with years of experience in their musical specialties. Inspired by the Renaissance but committed to living in the present, the singers of LVP perform early music, works for solo voice, works incorporating instruments, and new works by local composers.

S. Timothy Glasscock has more than 30 years experience in the field of vocal music including 15 years as head of such agencies as The Lexington Men's Chorus & The Louisville Chorus. With a BME and MME from University of Louisville and a DMA in Choral Conducting from University of Kentucky, Tim is entering his eleventh year as Director of Vocal and Choral Studies at The Youth Performing Arts School. His Choirs have sung in Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Mark's in Venice, Rochester Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, HaydnSaal at Esterhazy Palace, and numerous other venues throughout Europe and America. His choirs consistently receive top scores in national and international competition and his former students can be found performing in opera houses and arts agencies throughout North America and Europe. His newest ensemble, The Louisville Vocal Project is touring Italy this spring and will perform at St. Peter's Basilica, among other prestigious venues.

David Clark began playing violin in sixth grade and saxophone in seventh grade. Having played both throughout public school, he studied saxophone performance at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, received a BM in music education and a MM in jazz performance from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. He has had the good fortune to study with Harry Pickens, Don Braden, Wessell Anderson, Sim Flora, and Branford Marsalis.
Dave has performed with such diverse artists as Benny Golson, Clark Terry, Randy Brecker, Stanley Turrentine, James Moody, Kevin Mahogany, Harry Pickens, Nancy Wilson, Miles Griffith, the Louisville Orchestra, the Dells, and Delfeayo Marsalis. Dave has performed at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy, as well as the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Montreaux, Switzerland. He has also performed as part of a good will tour and educational exchange program in Barbados.
Dave makes his home in Louisville, KY, where he is the head of the Jazz Studies program at Bellarmine University. Dave's duties include teaching saxophone, jazz harmony, jazz history, improvisation, and directing Bellarmine's Nouveau Gumbo ensemble. Dave also serves on the faculty of Jamey Aebersold's Summer Jazz Camps.
The Louisville Courier-Journal writes, "Clark's playing mixed technical brilliance and beautifully personal expressions…" and "…saxophonist Dave Clark, one of the brightest players in town…"

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Bellarmine University Music Department - Performance Tour Program

Bellarmine University's Schola Cantorum, Louisville Vocal Project, and Jazz Ensemble will present the following musical program as they tour Italy and the Vatican State with Incantato Tours from March 3 through 14, 2011.

Schola Cantorum and Louisville Vocal Project Selections
Title - Composer
Ave verum corpus - William Byrd
Hear my prayer, O Lord - Henry Purcell
O vos omnes - Pablo Casals
Christus factus est - Anton Bruckner
Oculi omnium - Charles Wood
Peccantum me quotidie - Cristobal de Morales
Set me as a seal - Renee Clausen
Salzburg Lenten missa brevis - Richard Burchard
Exsultate just in Domino - Ludovico da Viadana
O vos omnes - Tomas Luis da Victoria
Herself a Rose - Craig Courtney
Beati quorum via - Charles Villiers Stanford
Ave Maria - Robert Parsons
Thou shalt know him - Mark Sirrett

Jazz Ensemble Selections
Title - Composer
Take the A Train - Duke Ellington
Nature Boy - Curt Elling
The Days of Wine and Roses - Henry Mancini
Death Letter - Son House
My Funny Valentine - Rodgers and Hart
My Foolish Heart - Victor Young
Four on Six - Wes Montgomery
Bluesette - Toots Thielman
Star Eyes - Don Raye
Misty - Erroll Garner

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New additions to your Incantato Tour Blog!

Dear Bellarmine Travelers,
We have added some new, important, and exciting information to your Incantato Performance Tour Blog. Please click on the links below to learn more about your upcoming journey, and be sure to check back regularly for further updates.

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Bellarmine University Jazz Ensemble in concert at Sala degli Affreschi, Comune di Maiori, on Saturday, March 5 at 7:30 PM

Incantato Tours proudly presents the Bellarmine University Jazz Ensemble at the beautiful Sala degli Affreschi, Comune di Maiori, on Saturday, March 5 at 7:30 PM. The Sala degli Affreschi is part of the Mezzacapo Building. As the visitor enters the massive carved wooden door, the magnificence of the ancient entrance to the home of the former Marquis of Mezzacapo is immediately apparent.
Two marble stairways lead to the upper floors of the building, which, today, is the seat of the City Hall. The sumptuous Reception Hall stands out among the various rooms of the building. The grand vaulted ceiling, frescoed with a depiction of "the triumph of the Olympians", and the walls adorned by mirrors and gilded figurines, give this hall a pompous ambiance, but also enchanting. In 1943, during the Allied landing, this building was the General Headquarters of the American troops stationed in the area.