Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leipzig's Music Trail

The city of Leipzig boasts a density of composeres’ houses and classical music sites that is unique in Europe. 23 of these sites are now connected by the three mile “Leipzig Music Trail” throughout the city.
This tour introduces music and the musical history of Leipizg and some of the sights visited include:
(2) Medelssohn House
(3) Grieg Memorial Center
(5) Museum of Musical Instruments
(7) Schumann House
(9) Wagner Memorial
(10) Leipzig Opera
(12) St. Nikolai’s Church
(13) Old City Hall
(14) Museum of Fine Arts – Beethoven
(17) St. Thomas’s Church
(18) Bach Museum
(19) Site of Clara Wieck’s birth house
(21) Paulinum – Auditorium and University Church St. Pauli

The aim of the Leipzig Music Trail initiative is the bringing to life of Leipzig's music tradition. In total there are now three individual discovery tours through which a person is able to explore the city's unique musical treasures. Two routes are designed to be followed on foot, the third is intended to be taken by bicycle. 

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