Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The latest News from Vienna, brought to You by Incantato

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The 150the anniversary of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt was a major success. Mullions of guests visited the various exhibitions of the founder of Vienna's Art Nouveaux and made it the most successful year it the history of the Viennese tourism board.

2013 is the year of the art of enjoyment. 
Vienna is known around the world as a metropolis of art and culture. In light of this reputation, a total of three new cultural institutions will be contributing to the city's cultural attractions:
The Chamber of Art and Wonders in the Kunsthistorisches Museum is now shining with a new splendor.
The new concert hall of the Vienna Boys' Choir in the Augarten now invites visitors to regular performances.
The Stadtpalais Liechtenstein is now offering art of the Biedermeier and Classicism periods. 

A new and exclusive event series for visitors and Vienna residents are The Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations. They facilitate eventful trips to Vienna by connecting you with local residents one by one in English. They are reviving the history of Vienna coffeehouses and their particular culture, which is protected by UNESCO.

The Goldenes Quartier is located near the Old Town, in the heart of Vienna. It was names a UNESCO World Heritage site and is regarded as Vienna's top address in one of the oldest parts of the town. The famous streets Kohlmarkt Graben and Kaertner Strasse extend via the pedestrian zone to the Judenplatz and the Hof. It is here that you will find shops such as Louis Vitton and Prada, as well as Miu Miu, Armani and other brands opening stores in 2013.  

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