Thursday, February 21, 2013

Incantato Concert Venue: Town Church of St. Peter and Paul (Herderkirche) in Weimar, Germany

Town Church of St Peter and Paul is popularly know as "Herderkirche" which gets this nickname from Johann Gottfried Herder. Between 1776-1803, Johann Gottfried Herder was the general superintendent and vicar at the Town Church and the people of Weimar also called the church the "Herder Church". The church is considered to be the most important church building in Weimar. The original church was built on the same spot from 1245 to 1249 and was then destroyed by fire in 1299 of which only the foundation remained. The foundations are among the oldest building sections in the town.  Then a second building was then destroyed by fire 1424.  The current church which is a three-aisled hall church in late Gothic style.  The church was built between 1498 and 1500.   Towards the end of the Second World War the damaged by bombs on February 9, 1945.  Restoration continued through 1977.  Since 1998, the church and the Herder House have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the "Classicist Weimar" ensemble of monuments.

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